Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest!

on Thursday 06 May 2010 - 18:55:58 | by admin
Cocktail Napkiin Sketch ContestCocktail napkins are infamous for architects' casual tool of sketching instant output of tea table brainstorming. Sometimes napkins are also used to even explain design to a client while meeting in a cafe. Stories abound about famous works of architecture coming out of these spontaneous sketches. Architectural Record brings out an interesting contest of sketch on cocktail napkin, may be a short relief from the meticulously digital age of CAD.

The submission is obviously NOT online. Participants must send their sketches drawn on 5x5 inch cocktail napkins (up to 6 sketches per participant) to the Architecture Record office. All materials must be postmarked no later than Monday, June 21, 2010.

For details and registration download this PDF file.
And start sketching wherever, whenever you get something in your mind, yeh keep some napkins always in your pocket!
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  • looneyhans
    22 Nov : 13:46
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  • looneyhans
    22 Nov : 13:35
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    Awesome! Learned alot thanks so much keep posting more. interior painting baton rouge la
  • admin
    10 May : 13:54
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    Aw sadly no. Architectural Records just confirmed that thete is no possibility to change their policy. The competition is open only for architects practicing in the USA.
  • admin
    09 May : 17:16
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    Good point I didn't notice!
    I will request them to open it to international participants.
    Like the Mobile voter registration camp design competition also was also only for US, but after a request from ArchSociety they have opened it to the world.
    [ edited 09 May : 17:17 ]
  • rubelraf
    08 May : 17:11
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    but SAD
    "If you are a practicing architect in the United States
    (or trained as one), you can enter this remarkable

    :@ , the competition is restricted for global participants

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