A House for Pink Floyd : An Open Design Competition

on Sunday 16 June 2013 - 16:35:06 | by T Z H
A house for Pink Floyd: Design Competition

There are walls all around us… and the thickest and the tallest are those within. What wall(s) did Roger Waters and Pink Floyd want to break in their immensely successful album The Wall…? Mainly that wall that creates that almost mythical box modern architects especially are notorious for trying to break.
The function of art, almost by definition, is TO BREAK WALLS. Thus, an art that does not “break walls,” that is, an art that does not bring anything new by adding to what we call “tradition” what we call “invention”, fails to do its job. We ask you to explore the generic theme of “breaking the wall” in as many ways as possible and as freely as possible.
Create architecture as intense and inspiring as this celebrated album of Pink Floyd. Listen to the music again, watch the film, and then feel, think, draw and model. BUILD.   BUILD A BROKEN WALL. BUILD A WALL THAT UNITES, NOT ONE THAT SEPARATES. BUILD A BEAUTIFUL WALL. 
Scream; scream as loudly as possible against all the prisons of this world. Against all those artificially built walls that trap all of us in the name of FEAR. TEAR THEM DOWN, dear architect!


Participants are to be 18 years old, by the time the competition closes, that is on the 10th of August 2013. They are required to be graduates or students of architecture faculties, including all other related domain training (interior architecture, product design, urban planning, etc.). Participants are able to enter the contest, no matter their nationality or country of residence.


In order to enter the contest, you are to fill in the whole Registration Form (available at www.adep.ro/contest) Entering the contest is free of charge.


Registration: until the 10th of August 2013
Submitting the projects:
until the 10th of August 2013
Results: 20th August 2013


All projects are to be submitted by email to both works @ icarch.us and pink.floyd @ adep.ro. (remove the space before and after @).


The prizes and awards are to be announced by the 1st of August 2013.

Visit the Competition site to know more. 
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  • EthanWalker
    12 Oct : 07:10
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    This is a great opportunity for an aspiring architect like me. I hope someday I can join. bathtub refinishing st Louis mo
  • AmandaD
    11 Oct : 10:09
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    I am glad that there is organization who open conduct such competition but it saddens me since this was long time ago. Anyway our company open for this kind of opportunity to showcase our designs.

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  • AmberBrion
    29 Jun : 11:28
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    Awesome competition. I'm curious what's the design of the winner. make your own k cup
  • AmandaD
    11 Oct : 10:16
    Reply to this
    I agree with you Amber, this is awesome but it really saddens that I am too late for this as I am interested to attend and showcase our designs.

  • anthonyscotte23
    05 Jun : 19:59
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    It is always great to stumble across an interesting topic of yours like this. white plains oven repair
  • kenhan
    01 Jun : 02:15
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    That's a great competition. This will be a starting point for those who have a passion on architectures. Like what we did last year for New York Demolition Contractor event.

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