Tuesday 15 July 2008

Green Earth: International Graphic Design Competition

on Tuesday 15 July 2008 - 19:05:28 | by admin
green earth graphics design competition
Keeping our earth green is possible when our mind is green! And often an art work coming out of beautiful and intelligent idea can make our mind green. A photograph, a small cartoon, a dialogue or a graphics can do a lot to develop the general consciousness of mass people about saving the environment.
So why don’t we try it right now…. ?
Designboom, DA Design Association Japan and TOBU are jointly organizing a graphics design competition where you have to design something meaningful, intelligent and effective graphics which represent the theme of the competition: “Green Earth”.
The designers of the 5 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards:
- 1st prize: ¥500,000 YEN
- 2nd prize: ¥200,000 YEN
- 3 x 3rd prize(s): ¥100,000 YEN (each)
The competition is open for all and there are no fees for registration. The submission will be online and in digital format. The design copyright will be of the designers.

Registration Deadline: August 26th 2008
Submission Deadline: August 27th 2008

CLICK HERE to Register.
CLICK HERE to see details.

Friday 27 June 2008

2008 Spark Design Awards Launched

on Friday 27 June 2008 - 22:24:27 | by NEO
Spark Design Awards 2008
'Spark Design Awards' is an open international design competition to recognize and inspire designers from various sectors of design from a paper-weight to a high-rise building. Almost anyone can participate in the competition, designers, art directors, architects, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies, students and novices may enter.

Its the second arrangement of Spark to launch the design awards. It started and successfully completed the dazzling first award cycle in 2007. This year Spark Design Awards is becoming much more easy to enter, more design submissions and less paper works, as they claim now.

You may register on the website now (CLICK HERE to register). The first phase (virtual jury) final deadline is August 1. An international jury will carefully review the entries in early August. Phase I entrants chosen by the Jury will then have the option to participate in Phase II, as a Spark "Challenger "candidate, with payment of a second fee of $250. Phase II deadline is September 1, 2008. Jurists will judge the actual, physical works of design, so you'll need to ship your design to the Jury site by September 5.

The award program of Spark Design Awards is becoming an upcoming inspiration to all kinds of innovative designers around the globe. And this may come a great opportunity to let your design and you come into global light. So it should be a great decision to jump to design something new or review and rethink about your works in your portfolio.
CLICK HERE to know more.

ArchSociety wish to publish all the updates and changing regulations of this award periodically.

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Saturday 12 April 2008

Sound Barrier Design Competition for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

on Saturday 12 April 2008 - 14:52:37 | by NEO
Sound Barrier design competition for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (municipality Haarlemmermeer) is the Netherlands' main airport. Located 20 minutes (17.5 km) south-west of Amsterdam, Schiphol is a European mainport, competing in passenger and cargo throughput with other important airports in Europe.
The noise of runway is somewhat a major crisis of any airport. The authority of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is seeking innovative and creative design solutions to create a sound barrier at the airport. Entries are accepted from experts, architectural firms, or individuals from across the world. The winning design will get a monetary prize worth € 750,000.

In preparation of this design contest Amsterdam Airport Schiphol had several designs made and tested. We now challenge design agencies, businesses, universities and individuals across the world to beat these designs. We challenge you to use your creativity, your imagination and your ability to think beyond the specified framework to create a revolutionary concept that is unique in terms of appearance, function and design.

Launche of Design Competition: 8th April 2008
Q/A session ends: 29th April 2008
Deadline of Submission of application: 5th June, 2008
Visit: Competition Official Site

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