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Monday 12 September 2005

The Discussion and show of the academy award nominee movie 'MY ARCHITECT" in BUET has been suspended

on Monday 12 September 2005 - 10:06:00 | by admin
Today the respected film maker and the son of the legend Luis I. Kahn, Nathaniel Kahn was going to sit for an open discussion in BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) auditorium. And the show of the academy award nominee movie on Kahn’s life ‘My architect’ was also arranged respectively. The program was to start at 11 am today.

But for some unavoidable reason the program has been suspended. ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY will try to publish the new date and time of the event.

Take a visit to the official website of the film ‘My Architect’

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Wednesday 31 August 2005

Jury week in the University of Asia Pacific

on Wednesday 31 August 2005 - 13:42:35 | by admin
Final Jury Spring2005 Uap
Prof. Samsul Wares speaks in the jury, (photo © ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY)

The jury week of spring2005 semester in the architecture school of the University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, has been started today. Today it was the jury session of level2-term2 students.

They presented an elementary school design project. The head of the school Arc. Abu Sayeed Mustaq Ahmed, Arc. Samsul Wares, Arc. Asrar Ahmed, Arc. Shoeb Bhuiyan, Arc. Shaila Joarder and many others were present as the jurors.

The jury week will be on till 8th September, holding the final juries of different level and terms.
Upcoming Sessions:
7th September 2005: Final Jury of 8th Batch (5.1)
8th September 2005: Final Jury of 11th Batch (3.2)

Sunday 31 July 2005

ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY going to be started

on Sunday 31 July 2005 - 06:24:09 | by e107
At last it is on.
It is the outcome of our long waited dream of a architecture portal from Bangladesh.

This will be the place where all the students of different architecture school and professional architects will meet together, share their ideas, help each other and make a strong community of architecture.

Any student of architecture or architect, interior designer, urban designer, landscape designer from anywhere in the world can join ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY
And off-course, not only the students and professionals anyone who is interested in architecture can join here.

Will try to become a sufficient place of data related to all the aspects of architecture education. And the information asset will be developed by everyone’s contribution. Whatever the information you have about architecture you just post it to ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY, the team of ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY will take care of it.

Take help, give help and share your ideas in the discussion forum. Every architect knows discussion is very important for architecture!

So, ARCH[itecture]SOCIETY is at your service, develop it as you want it.

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