'Architecture + Religion' Exhibition at Goethe Institut

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Architecture + Religion, Goethe Institue, DhakaUPDATE:
The exhibition will remain open on Saturday April 7, 4:30 to 8pm.
An exhibition and a series of lectures and film show is going on in the Goethe Institute, Dhaka on Architecture+Religion.
ArchSociety apologizes for not to publish the program schedule in time. But tomorrow's sun is still to rise so, people who still didn't appear in Goethe by these time, fix a schedule for tomorrow (5th April, 2007).
Here's tomorrow's program at Goethe:

1700 hrs: Ancient and Medieval Temples in Bangladesh, Dr. Niru Shamsun Nahar, National Museum of Bangladesh, Dhaka
1800 hrs: Films on Architecture & Religion in Bangladesh introduced by the film director, Enamul Karim Nirjhar, himself: "The Architect" (46 min) and "Once upon a time" (24 min)
Where: Goethe-Institut Dhaka
House 10. Road 9 (new),Dhanmondi R/A,Dhaka 120500
G.P.O. Box 903, Tel: (+880) 2 – 9126525, 9126526
Dr. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed presented a lecture on the ancient mosque architecture of Bengal, and the exhibition was open as well.

Shakhari Bazzar: A Fusion of the Atemporal and Temporal Space, Taimur Islam, Urban Study Group USG, Dhaka
The Armenian Church, Brother Martin, Armenian Church, Dhaka
Films on the history of Architecture & Religion in Germany III: Stone Age- The Eternal Construction Site of Cologne Cathedral by Christof Boy, Germany 1998 with an introduction by Sina Brod,

In the larger part of architectural history religion was the main patron of architecture. Most often when we talk about architecture in history we are to reffer to the religious structures. In this way the contribution of religious necessity and philosophies in architecture is always undenyable even in the contemporary architecture. On going programs in Goethe gives a light to these points.
Everyone is invited to join in this event.

Architecture + Religion Goethe Institut Lectures
During the lecture of Dr. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed

Goethe Institute Exhibition Architecture + Religion
The Exhibition: Architecture + Religion

(Photo courtecy: Goethe Instut, Dhaka)
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