Upcoming Revolution in Architecture!

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Often it’s said that architecture is a high paid job. Because the ‘property’ is under the control of capitalists high class people. And they are the main patron of architects.
But don’t architects have any responsibility for the mass people? Can’t they do something for them just to help them out? Yes they can.
Many of us who are in this profession are often thinking of it. We see poor people here and there in the slums or in thatched huts. We also think of the development of the living standard of the mass people. One billion people live in abject poverty. Four billion live in fragile but growing economies. One in seven people live in slum settlements. By 2020 it will be one in three. We don't need to choose between architecture or revolution. What we need is an architectural revolution.

Architecture for Humanity, AMD and Sun Microsystems have started a revolutionary project that is ‘Open Architecture Network’.
Open Architecture Network is a project where people from any part of the world will submit architectural design solutions for the development of the mass living standards through out the world.

The founder of ‘Architecture for Humanity’ got the TED prize in the year 2006. TED prize is given to those person who have shown some excellent idea and effort for the mankind in any creative sector.

Architecture for Humanity planned to do something by architecture which can change the entire living standard of mass people through out the world. And they established the Open Architecture Network. Ideas submitted by the creative people from any part of the world will be reviewed by experts and the community members. And projects which are very effective for a locality may be built in reality. OAN and it's sponsors will provide the fund to build those projects. Hopefully soon many other companies will join with OAN to make the revolution come true.
Visit it:
open architecture network logo

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Architecture for Humanity
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