Inauguration of and Muzharul Islam Archive

on Tuesday 27 December 2005 - 12:39:22 | by NEO
On the December 25th it was the inauguration of the official website of the Muzharul Islam Archive

The program and the archive is hosted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Asia Pacific and sponsored by 'Tanya Karim NR khan & Associates'. is designed and being maintained by the Discourse members. Several students from UAP, BUET and BRACK worked heart and soul to develop the informative website within a very short time. Website team was working in Tanya Karim NR Khan & Associates office over nights to make the site visible on the very day of the 82nd birthday of Muzharul Islam. is powered by
we tried to keep the calm and elegant look of the site to touch the height of elegance of Muzharul Islam himself. And we all declared " is the most important work of our lifetime"

Take a look:
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    22 Nov : 14:21
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  • admin
    01 Jan : 14:46
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    Iím actually not getting enough time to take the physical initiative to spread among all the architecture schools.
    I have gathered a good number of people from BUET and BRAC, they are very enthusiastic about the prospect of in their campuses. Though still they are not very familiar with this type of interaction over net. But they are smart enough to cope up with what Iím expecting from them. They have already proved their smartness and ability of organization in the development of

    But itís me, who is not giving time in development of content and spreading of
  • nirghum
    28 Dec : 18:14
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    great neo great. knowledge should be this much applicable. what ever you gather dont miss a chance to apply it. you have applied your web experience in the finest mannare. but you should be really carefull about your forum. the oevr design of your forum is not at all attractive and user friendly. plz take care

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