International VELUX award 2012 for Students of Architecture

on Saturday 03 December 2011 - 15:59:54 | by diya
Velux Award 2012 for Students of Architecture The scope of using daylighting creatively in architecture is limitless. This award attempts to encourage architecture students to explore daylight and create awareness and understanding of this ever present source of energy and light. 'Light of Tomorrow' is thus its overall theme. It seeks out projects that use daylight in the context of aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and the interactions between built form and its contexts. Projects can have any scale from the design of a small device to a large urban intervention both in a living or work environment.

The award contains no specific categories, but entries may focus on:
-Concepts with focus on sunlight as a natural source
of light and energy
-The contribution of daylight to high visual quality
and interior comfort that support people’s lives and
living conditions
-The rethinking of daylight in urban or surburban
living context
-The importance of sunlight and daylight for sustainable
architecture that takes into account the rhythm and
balance of nature
-Abstract concepts like daylight vs. artificial light,
day vs. night, in vs. out, etc.

The jury will evaluate the projects in accordance with the following criteria:
-How the project addresses the future
-The level of experimentation and innovation
-How technology is being approached
-The level of poetry, human conditions and an
architecture that we want to believe in
-The use of daylight as a premise for architecture
-The overall graphic presentation of the project,
how the project presents itself.

The award is open to any registered architecture student anywhere in the world. Projects can be submitted by individuals or groups of students supervised by a teacher. One of the jurers is Alvaro Siza which is an added attraction for many!

1st prize: 8,000 euros to student(s), 2,000 euros to teacher(s)
2nd prize: 4,000 euros to student(s), 1000 euros to teacher(s)

Registration deadline: 1 March 2012
Deadline for submission: 7 May 2012

For registration and details please visit the competition website.
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