Designing a hypothetical new capital for Australia

on Saturday 14 May 2011 - 14:20:34 | by admin
Urban design discourse should always remain open to multidisciplinary inputs with a vision as open until people call it wild! Since most often we fail to imagine what's going to happen after a 100 years to a city, we are to keep our thoughts rising and shining with wildness to cope up. And here is a competition that would allow us to think again for a city's future, it's for Canberra, the capital of Australia.

The competition is entitled as CAPITheticAL, allowing registration for free for any design professional including architects, urban designers, planners, artists, environmentalists and students to participate from any country. It will be followed by a two stage submission process of design proposals with a cash-prize for winners.
Submission deadline for 1st stage: 31st January 2012

The competition is looking forward to the answers to many questions, including:
-Would you build a new capital today or could the Australian Federation be expressed in a different way?
-Would it be a city in the conventional sense or not? If not, what form might it take?
-What ideas would drive its design and development?
-How would 21st century social, political and environmental factors influence the nature of the city?
-Of what should our national capital consist?

Think, read, explore, brain-storm and jump into design. Here is the link to the competition website, go through for details and for registration:
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