Tradewell Fellowship in Healthcare Architecture

on Tuesday 13 October 2009 - 11:19:43 | by NEO
Tradewell Fellowship: handsWHR Architects offer a great opportunity to work and learn about healthcare architecture. Their ‘Tradewell Fellowship’ begins and ends in July and includes employment at WHR Architects in Houston. Each year, the Tradewell Fellow is involved with clients in early master planning and design with a particular focus on healing environments and collaborative design methods in healthcare related projects.
So those who are interested and enthusiastic about hospital and health facilities design should try for this grand opportunity.
This fellowship will help to be in touch with the senior medical planners and clients, to receive career guidance from leaders at WHR and a network of past Tradewell Fellows that will eventually start making you a life long learner, mentor and leader in this sector.

WHR Architects LogoInterested applicants should download the application form or/and knock the 2009 Tradewell Fellow Kelly Egdorf. Visit this page for more information: Tradewell Fellowship | WHR Architects
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