Environmental and Civic Facility issues: Bangladesh Govt. Revoked five major private housing projects!

on Tuesday 15 September 2009 - 16:15:59 | by NEO
Before the ‘Land Development Rule 2004’ for the developments of private housing and private urban areas in Bangladesh projects were mushrooming in a ridiculous fatal way. Projects like Japan Garden City in Dhaka is one of the major examples of cramped unhealthy development of private housing areas in the city. The Land Development Rule of 2004 and the Building Development Rule 2006-08 are definitely significant milestones on the way of planned urban growth in Bangladesh. Which we hope in a long run will help to develop a healthier and more environment friendly neighborhoods.

The government seems started the great attempt of implementing the rules finally! The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Housing and Public Works revoked the approval of five private housing projects of three firms today in a meeting at the National Parliament Building. The scraped projects are Bashundhara Housing Project (Phase-I) of the East West Property Development, Sharnali Housing Project (Phase-I) of Swadesh Properties, Banasri New Town Housing Project, Pallabi Housing Project (Phase-II) and Rampura Extension Housing Project of the Eastern Housing Limited. City developer RAJUK, under the ministry of housing, said the projects' approvals were scrapped on the firms' failure to meet the pre-conditions for the government nod. The chairman of the committee A B M Fazle Karim Chowdhury said “They have totally failed to meet the conditions. So, the government has cancelled the approval of the five projects”.
Some of the conditions were that the companies would not change the original designs and not obstruct the water outlet in the floodplain, must ensure wide roads and necessary infrastructure and proper drainage facility. The projects also don’t meet the requirements of environment friendliness in many ways.

We already see the severe out comes of unplanned and ill-planned developments in Dhaka. Gridlock traffic jam, water clogging, and lack of wind flow, vegetation, children’s play area and a lot of other very basic civic facilities. Now if we continue to do the same mistakes we are already suffering from then it will be the biggest stupidity in our infrastructure development. We shouldn’t throw our next generations in the terrible urban situations we are already living in. And a greater portion of this responsibility goes to the architects, urban and town planners of the country. Why government has to take these steps now? Why the planners and architects involved in those projects did these (surely intentional) ‘mistakes’? If we continue doing these ‘sins’ we should be sure in near future our children will grow up in abject unhealthy settlements.
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News Ref: bdnews24.com
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