Seminar: City and Water- Dhaka/Berlin: Call for entries

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The seminar "City and Water – Dhaka/Berlin" is going to take place on 26 until 28 August 2007 and is fruit of the co-operation between Goethe-Institute Dhaka, Habitat Forum Berlin and MBZ/Alumni Bangladesh.

It is structured in three independent blocks, of which each will be treated on one day: ARCHITECTURE, HYDROGEOLOGY and PUBLIC SPHERE. Each of the three days is concentrated on one of the three topics and involves a guest from Germany and experts from Bangladesh, approaching an audience of scholars, researchers, students, activists etc.

In the next days a poster with the finalised programme will be ready. And we hope to invite a wide audience of architects, architecture students, different exprets, sociologists, artists, environmental activists, etc. to discuss with us.

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Call for Entry of Photographs
Goethe Insitute has started a call for entries for photos of Dhaka and Berlin that should be projected on the last day of the seminar.
Architects, Students, Photographers and photography schools are invited to submit their works in form of photographs related to following topics:
City and Architecture (architecture on water, but also examples of how architecture interacts with water)

Water and Environment (water management, pollution, etc.)

City – Water – Public Space (free space in the city, use of water bodies through e.g. boats and ships, occupation through commercial activities or pavement dwellers, rituals, etc.)

To ensure variety, most diverse, personal interpretations and views on the topic are welcome.

Format : Digital photos with min. resolution 300

Number : 10 photos or 3 series à 3-5 photos IN COLOUR

Submission term: please hand in all works, in a CD, at Goethe-Institute until 16 August!
The best photos will be chosen to be showed in a live presentation during the seminar at Goethe-Institute.
We are looking forward to diverse, artistic, original entries!!!

For more information regarding the event plese CLICK HERE.
ArchSociety is working behind as the online news publishing and as a webpartner for this event. You can ask for any query by commenting to this news, we'll try our best to give you prompt feedback.

The seminar is being organized by Goethe-Institut Dhaka and Habitat Forum Berlin in co-operation with the Alumni Association of the German Universities, The German Embassy and GTZ.


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