Friday 13 March 2009

Design shelter cum school for cyclone victims in Bangladesh | Intl Design Competition

on Friday 13 March 2009 - 18:03:59 | by NEO
We remember the devastation of cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh as a nightmare! (November 15 2007 Cyclone Sidr impacted with heavy rain and storm surge of about 20 feet high, killing 220 kph wind speed, swept away the whole south western coastal area of Bangladesh and at least 3500 people were killed, thousands were injured and almost every family lost their shelter). And from the beginning of the disaster I'm sure many of the architects were thinking or trying to help the victims with their design knowledge, although in most cases we couldn't manage to get funds or patronization to do something fruitful.

However there's a new hope and opportunity to help the affected people of coastal area of Bangladesh as IDB (Islamic Development Bank) declares an open international design competition to build several hundreds of cyclone center cum school around the coastal area of Bangladesh. IDB invites reputed consulting firms, architects and engineers from around the world to participate in the competition. The winning design will be build as a prototype design in numerous places in the coastal area of Bangladesh.
Philanthropist Fael Khair made a generous donation for the Sidr victims of Bangladesh and IDB is entrusted as the implementing organization to utilize the donation. The competition is entitled as "Fael Khair School / Shelter Program".
3 designs will be awarded as:
First: 50,000 USD
Second: 30,000 USD
Third: 15,000 USD
(The amounts have been increased to these figures than the preliminary announcement)

The participants are to submit preliminary design drawings, renderings and write-up in A3 papers and in CD as digital format.
Submission Deadline: 15th April 2009 by 12:00 noon BST (GMT+6)
Download the official Request for Design (pdf file)
Download the official Terms of Reference (pdf file)

Contact for further information:
1) IDB Headquarters, Jeddah, KSA

2) Fael Khair Program Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Monday 26 January 2009

Competition: Designing Multistory Buildings in Tehran

on Monday 26 January 2009 - 19:27:17 | by NEO
Designing in Tehran logoTehran city from its starting on an upland plateau is now expanding in a rapid growth. It’s the largest city of Iran, center of economics, politics and culture. Now Tehran is a city of 11 million people with rich cultural heritage and urban fabric.
Benetton Group declares an open international design competition where the competitors have to design midrise commercial complexes in Tehran. There are two different sites and projects A and B. Anyone can participate in both or anyone of the A and B. Initially 3 finalists will be selected for both the design. The winner for A and the winner for B will be awarded Euro 20,000.00 each. The remaining two finalists for each building (four finalists), will be awarded Euro 5,000.00 each. A participant may win both the awards together and the prize money will be combined.
Both the sites are 1500 sqm lots in downtown Tehran city. The competitors have to design 8 storied buildings including 4 basement floors.
Entries will be via accepted online uploading system and there’s no registration fee to enter.
Submission Deadline: 27th March, 2009
Visit the competition website to get all the details CLICK HERE.

Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space 2 - Design Competition

on Monday 26 January 2009 - 18:34:38 | by NEO
Art Alliance Austin LogoAnother international competition on designing a temporary gallery launches. It seems architects and students are getting more and more opportunity to show their most innovative ideas in small projects through these competitions. So close your facebook and start brain storming on designing something meaningful at the junction where art and architecture blend together.
Art Alliance Austin, AIA-Austin, Austin Foundation for Architecture AIA-New York collaboratively organizes a design competition entitled TOGS-2 (Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space 2). The first TOGS competition was held in last year (2008) and take a look the winning design:
winning design of 2008 Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space Design Competition

This design will be constructed at the Art City Austin 2009 festival.

TOGS competition is open to all professional architects around the world and students of final years of B.Arch in accredited architecture schools. The online registration to this competition is now open and a 40 USD registration fee applies. Payments must be via online using credit cards.

Registration Deadline: March 23, 2009
Submission Deadline: April 06, 2009
All information including online registration, site information, submission requirements are available at the competition website:
CLICK HERE to visit.
(Any question or query regarding this competition should go to ‘comment’ to this news item)

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