Thursday 11 June 2009

Re-energize Detroit : Open Intl Design Competition

on Thursday 11 June 2009 - 11:41:37 | by mehnaz
Detroit City Skyline
Once serving as a traditional automotive center of the United States, with a nickname of ‘The Motor City’, Detroit later emerged as a Rock City, after the track called “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss, during World War II.   It has a rich musical heritage and contributed to a number of genres over the decades.
Detroit, a major port city on the river Detroit lies in the mid-west region of the United States. The settlement developed with its focus towards the riverfront.
Since the 1940’s rock music was a major part of the city’s nightlife. The group Kiss emphasized the city's connection with rock in the song Detroit Rock City and the movie produced in 1999. In the 1980s, Detroit was an important center of the hardcore punk rock underground with many nationally known bands coming out of the city and its suburbs.
In recent times, the city has produced a number of influential artists. Detroit is cited as the birthplace of techno music. It’s a city full of energy, fun and ofcoarse music.
Re-energize Detroit is basically what is asked for. Detroit now believed to be modern day ruins is to be rejuvenated. The city has a lot to offer, and a lot that it can offer. That is where the participation is required. The basic idea for this open idea competition is to encourage the designer minds to come up with a solution to rejuvenate the city.
Detroit like all other cities have a history, but it’s time to revive the city maybe not in the traditional or conventional way, but in a new, unprecedented way that is specific to the one-of-a-kind condition Detroit is in.
The competition is looking for fresh idea to revive the city fabric and its life. Help Detroit live again with a touch of creativity. It’s a project encouraging not just the large schemes but also minute details. Explore all options from macro to micro...
Rouse [D] is a two part competition and exhibition.  Rouse [D] will focus on re-inventing the city of Detroit through the use of digital computation methodologies!
The competition does have one condition; the site or sites must be in Detroit. 
There is a small fee of $20/submission, which will go towards exhibition fees.  Please send money orders only.  We don't want to deal with any bounced checks.  Make money orders out to 'Roused' There is no limit to the number of submissions per person.

Competition Launch:  1st March 2009
Competition Closed or Submission: July 31, 2009
Winners to be announced:  August 2009
Exhibition Begins:  Late August / Early September
There is no pre-registration.  Send the CD with images and a $20 money order made out to "Roused" by July 31, 2009 to the address mentioned below.
Attn: Matthew Hall
Method Lab
5638 Huron Street
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

Submission Requirements:

Three images [minimum] are required for consideration:
1.  Plan view – Including the location of your site
2.  An elevation of your choice
3.  A perspective (the money shot) showcasing your idea
All images must be high res jpgs, pdfs, or tiff files.  Each file should be 5MB or smaller.  All images are to be burned onto a cd and mailed to the following address along with a $20 submission fee (money orders only and made out to "Roused"):

1st place - $500   Your work exhibited in rouse [D] Exhibition at the end of August 2009 at a noteworthy gallery in Detroit.
2nd place - $300, 3rd place - $200 and Honorable Mentions.

Visit the competition website for other details:

Monday 01 June 2009

Go with Some Greens! Design a Green Home: Open Competition

on Monday 01 June 2009 - 06:42:57 | by chaiti
Greensberg Competition logoGreensburg, Kansas is an evolving ‘living laboratory’ of green living. There is an amazing plan of creating a ‘Chain of Eco Homes’ and which is intended to be a prime example village of green living and eco-tourism. Firstly 12 green homes will be made and each one of them will be different in design, material and technology. These 12 houses will be open for visitors as a place to see the way of green living first hand. An international competition has been declared. Three winning designs will be built and would be a part of GreenTown’s Chain of Eco-Homes Project.
This international design competition calls for a single family house that includes 2-3 bedrooms and 1½-2 bathrooms, for a 75' x 140' site in Greensburg, Kansas.
Any architects or students may participate in this from any part of the world.
- Competition Launch: May 1, 2009
- Registration Deadline: July 15, 2009
- Submission Deadline: August 15, 2009
-Jury Deliberation: September 1 - 7
- Announcement of Winners: September 15
The Competitors are required to register for the competition prior to submitting their entries. In order to complete registration, competitors must submit a registration fee. The registration fee is $100 USD for professionals and $50 USD for students.
Things to Submit:
Things are pretty easy. Not very heavy work (as it seems). So you may snatch some time easily to participate in this noble competition. The submission materials are somewhat like this:
- One plan of proposed design of the single-family dwelling
- Two perspective elevation views of the single family dwelling located on the site
- Representation of the chosen wall system application
The jury will select a first, second and third place winner. The competition jury may also elect to award multiple honorable mention finalists. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

The First prize winning design will receive 10,000 USD cash and the right to be built as one the 12 Chain of Eco-Home Projects with necessary assistance from FreeGreen Inc.
There will be two runners up awards of 1000 USD each and those two will also be built.

Visit: Competition Website for registration and more information.

Saturday 04 April 2009

Design Better Classrooms : Open Architecture Challenge 2009

on Saturday 04 April 2009 - 16:38:27 | by NEO
Open Architecture Network LogoArchSociety apologize for the late publication of such an amazing design competition! We think many of you already know about the competition and already registered, yet its important to let everyone of the community know about it.

Its none other than the Open Architecture Challenge of this year. Open Architecture Challenge is organized by the Open Architecture Network which is a concern of Architecture for Humanity.

Lets look into the issues of the challenge of 2009. Many of the architects must have wondered about a better design of the classrooms of the junior schools, if architects would participate and do something for the poor classrooms they must become more effective places for learning. And its the students and the teachers of the schools who also think about their dream classrooms!
Design Better Classroom | Open Architecture Challenge 2009

OAC this time gives you the opportunity to talk with the students and teachers of a school and together design a better classroom. Who knows through your design the quality of education might change, the future leaders of the world may come out from the schools! So you have to find out a school to work with first (or you may choose partner schools already enlisted in the OAN website). Start designing the classroom and make the energetic young students as your design partners. And it's definitely going to be a very amazing experience!
The winning design will be built, the school will get up to 50,000 USD and the designer will receive around 5000 USD. So everyone should jump in to help a school near you! Even if your design doesn't win however it will be an asset for the school for future developments.

Registration Fees: 25 USD, (Waived for participants from developing nations)
Registration Deadline: May 4, 2009
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2009
Eligibility: Anyone from any where in the world can participate, no age or qualification requirements needed to enter.
About the Schools: Any primary or secondary school (university or training academies are not eligible) And only an adaptable 'classroom' design will be eligible to win. No one needs to design the whole school at all!
The schools can also register as the partners in the website so that other designers from around the world can participate to design for them.
Competition Website:

ArchSociety will try to keep track and update the news of this competition periodically. Any queries, partnership, design team issues may be discussed in the forum or here as comments.

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