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Dhanmondi Lake and the stories behind...
on 12 Feb 2011 by Mehbuba Tune Uzra author list
“The hands want to see, the eyes want to caress” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe As I started walking down the pathway of Dhanmondi Lake, I was no longer an isolated being, I could see, I could hear, I could touch and smell with a sensation of living every second of a phenomenon, a poetry that enveloped me. The trees with its fresh [read more]
"thoughts: geometry of educating architecture"
on 06 Sep 2010 by Mehbuba Tune Uzra author list
[This article is inspired from a discussion on Architecture Education orgnized by the 'Mongolbarer Shabha' held on July 6th 2010.]Finely cut colorful papers metamorphosizing playful flowers, fruits, cats and rabbits, sketched by some young innocent hands with tiny nibbling fingers, hanging from the ceiling of our very well-known room, where we all gather...“the mongolbarer shobha” [read more]
Working With Corbusier
on 06 May 2009 by author list print the content item create pdf file of the content item
Discourse was being held at TKNRK office then. This article was read in the ‘Essential Reading’ series of Discourse. This one was a very inspiring reading for everyone, helped to know in depth about the working process, intimate life of Le Corbusier. This article is originally written by Jerzy Soltan, worked with Le Corbusier for years. Here it is [read more]
Hundertwasser: Mould Manifeto against rationalism in architecture
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On 4 July 1958 the Viennese painter Hundertwasser (b. 1928) read his Verschimmelungs-Manifest (Mould[...]
I fought with my teachers in studios in 3rd and 4th year to draw the lines free hand throughout the semesters. I never let my soul slaughtered under the rulers. It’s the ‘intuition’ where ‘art’ lives not the parallel-bar and set-squares. Forms ‘generate’ from ideas and intuitions, they generate from the air. I believe the so called ‘cube’ is [read more]
Learning from the earth
The story of Working with Anna Heringer in METTI projects
on 22 Apr 2008 by Md. Shoeb Al Rahe, Ishraq Zahra Khan author list print the content item create pdf file of the content item
It was while taking a Rural Architecture course in our fourth year at the Department of Architecture, BRAC University that I first realized that this was the area in our profession that most interested me. We were asked to go back to our own individual villages and study the socio-economics and architecture of the place. I discovered in my [read more]
Ando's Vision towards the Crisis of Modernism
on 04 Jun 2007 by author list print the content item create pdf file of the content item
After the core modernism architecture is still in search of some new verses towards a perfect solution as the guiding principles of today’s architecture. The socio-economic and the political situation of the world has been changed entirely than the era of emergence of modernism. At that time modernism was emerging out of the concepts of breaking apart individuality, individual [read more]
Muzharul Islam: Pioneer of Modern Architecture in Bangladesh
on 31 Jan 2007 by Kaanita Hasan author list
(This essay was submitted by Architect Kaanita Hasan as a part of the course MA Architecture: Alternative Urbanism & History and Theory in the University of East London School of Architecture) His pioneering works from the 1950’s onward marked the beginning of modernism in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). He brought about a massive change in the contemporary scene of International Style Architecture [read more]